Bloomberg QuickTake, July 2020 (15K views)

LGBT Couples in Russia Face Greater Legislative Prejudice After Constitution Change 

HBO, Vice News Tonight, March 2018 (52K views)

How Russian Prisoners Are Using Tattoos To Protest Putin

NBC News, May 2017

Gay Man Alleges Arrest And Torture In Chechnya


P  O  I  S  O  N  E  D  

The Associated Press, August 2020

Pyotr Verzilov on Navalny's suspected poisoning

The Associated Press, August 2020

Sobol: Kremlin involved in Navalny illness



The video has more than 7M views on YouTube


Euronews, September 2020

The Associated Press, September 2020

Russian artist fills Moscow museum with colourful latex sculptures

Big, bright... and made from latex. These sculptures and dresses were made by Russian artist Sasha Frolova. She works in many formats at once - sculpture, music performance, and latex dress design.

"I think that the main task of an artist is the creation of a parallel reality," says Frolova. "The parallel reality of the artist's creativity and the filling of it with artist's works of art. As well as the implication of the people inside of this world."

There's no limit to creativity, but there is a limit to a latex object.

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The Associated Press, September 2020

Garage Museum's art festival gets underway

Moscow's Garage Museum has opened for its second triennial of Russian contemporary art. Organisers let last year's artists choose which artists would participate in this year's show. Here at the world famous Gorky Park dozens of artists have gathered at Moscow's Garage Museum. 

They've come to show off their designs at the second triennial of Russian contemporary art. And this year organisers let the artists from the 1st triennial choose who they thought should participate in the exhibition. Some invited their friends, others invited acquaintances or even a professional rival. One artist even sold a place through an auction bid.

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The Associated Press, July 2020

Russian constitution change ends hopes for same-sex marriage 

At the Lagutenko wedding in 2017, the couple exchanged vows, rings and kisses in front of friends and relatives, then took a traditional drive in a limousine, stopping at landmarks for photos.

But because they were both women, the wedding wasn’t legal in Russia.

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The Associated Press, May 2017

Chechen gays survive torture, flee to Moscow safe houses

Anzor was lying on a dirty floor as a man in army boots jumped on his back. His agony worsened when his captors started torturing him with electric shocks.

“It’s a feeling like they are breaking every bone of every joint in your body at the same time,” he said.

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Euronews, December 2018 (268K views)

Russian rappers defy authorities to challenge society 

In October the duo, known as IC3PEAK, published their first political music video. In 'Death No More' their characters tackle youth protests and Kremlin’s crackdown on the opposition.

Two months later, Kostylev was detained at the train station in Novosibirsk. The video of a police officer dragging the handcuffed performer to the police station went viral. 'Death No More' racked up over nine million views and the band's album moved to the top of Russia's iTunes music chart.

Euronews, May 2019 (2K views)

The disabled man who defied expectations to write Russia's most-read political blog 

Gorbunov is the author of the once-anonymous Stalingulag. With more than a million followers on Twitter and over 370,000 on the Telegram messaging app, it’s one of Russia’s most-read political blogs.

Calling himself a "simple Russian from Dagestan", the blogger openly criticises the authorities and doesn't shy away from profanity.

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Alexander was the first U.S. media journalist to be on the scene of the assassination 

The Associated Press, March 2017

Russian protester decries prison conditions

Newly free after more than a year in prison, Russian opposition activist Ildar Dadin described beatings and other harsh treatment he says that he endured behind bars. He said that it drove him to thoughts of suicide, but that he overcame the despair through belief in his own integrity.

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Alexander Roslyakov on an assignment in Ukraine

Alexander Roslyakov on an assignment in Ukraine (Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko)